Throw a birthday party for your child that will turn every guest into a caped crusader. Native Columbian Emily Southerland shares her son’s foe-fighting festivity with Columbia Home. Southerland scoured her favorite blogs and Pinterest and left no super power out of this superhero-themed party. From sewing special capes for each guest to creating a four-tiered cake with a surprise inside, Southerland handcrafted each aspect of the party and spared no expense for her son Noah.


Southerland saved the day with her ingenious party snacks. Cones created with blue cardstock added a “POW” to popcorn and Fruit Loops. She even got the kids to eat their veggies with her super snacks buffet. Labeling carrots as “X-ray vision aids,” grapes as “speed enhancers” and cheese as “brain power boosters” kept the super kids coming back for more.






Southerland, a professional photographer, was in her element designing a Gotham City backdrop. She took photos of the masked children conquering a skyline that was under attack. The kids, stomping the skyscrapers, received the photos as a favor.

For decorations, Southerland went to the Marvel comics website for pictures of vintage comic book covers and printed the covers to create bunting above the birthday cake table. She also used the Internet to find templates for “Hero Juice” labels that were placed over mini bottles of water. Alongside birthday candles, Southerland attached “ZAP” and “BANG” superhero graphics to bamboo skewers, adding height and whimsy to Noah’s colorful cake.



Southerland admits to spending more than a year planning and preparing for this party. To create your own superhero celebration, take inspiration from Southerland’s design and try out your own ideas tailored to your child.


Southerland’s party blew the socks off the guests and her entire blog following. To read more from Southerland, follow her blog at

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