“We’re not trendy, but we’re hip, and we’ve adapted well to the downtown atmosphere,” says Mark Hudson, general manager. Within walking distance of local businesses and catering to the 24-hour schedule, Wilson’s in The District draws a different type of crowd. “We have people from all over the United States and around the world who sign up for memberships here. That’s why we always try to keep fitness fresh.”

And in doing so, The District offers unique classes, including KettleWorX, ViPR and Moonlight Yoga, specific to this location for the adventurous trainee.


The 30-minute class is perfect for quick exercise over lunch or a get-to-the-point post-office workout. Each class is designated to improved either core, strength or cardio, but according to instructor Beth VanLoo, all of the classes are core centric.

“KettleWorX is a functional, three-dimensional training class that mimics everyday life,” she says. “It’s fun and high intensity. I want to be strong in the real world, and this class can help me do that.”

Personal Training

Yes, the topic sounds intimidating, but at Wilson’s in The District, we pride ourselves on maintaining personal relationships with our members. Contact Ryan Kriegel, director of fitness, if you want to sign up for personal training, and start moving toward your fitness goals.

PT includes:

-an evaluation and assessment of goals, current workout routines, family history, etc.;

-a one-hour training session with warmup and catered workout.

*Whether you’re a current member who never received a training consultation or a brand new member, request a free 30-minute session with any of the personal trainers.


Try these moves featured in the TRX class:

 Standing Row

-Get a nice body angle depending on the resistant needed.

-Keep elbows tucked.

-Bring yourself all the way in, and pinch the shoulder blades.

-Release, and repeat.


-Get your feet in the straps, face down.

-Hold a plank, keeping the core strong.

-Raise your hips as high as you can in the air, and pause.

-Bring back down to neutral.

ViPR is a specialty class and does require the specialty fee (unless you have the Passport Membership), but it’s well worth it, and you can easily transfer these moves from the classroom setting into your regular gym routines.

 Lateral Lunge

-Start standing vertically with the ViPR in front of you.

-Sink down into a lunge, and touch the ViPR to the floor.

-Come back to neutral, and repeat on the opposite side.


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