Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 2.06.01 PMIt’s officially the holiday season, but more importantly it is champagne season. Well you say champagne, I say sparkling, and technically the French won’tallow us to use their designation, but you get the idea. I adore sparkling wine all year long but I exceptionally love this wonderful time of year when sparkling wine enjoys some well-deserved time in the spotlight. Beyond the usual obligatory New Year’s toast, there are abundant opportunities in the coming months to have a little fun with your pairings. When it comes to holiday gatherings, I like to pair wine with guests and to give neophyte wine drinkers the chance to try a myriad of wines they might not have otherwise given a second thought. So don’t let dinner table flavors rule your holiday selections this season and remember, bubbles always pair well with difficult relatives.


The Life of the Party: LBV Brut

Let this guest do what they do best and get the party started. The LBV Brut makes a perfect hostess gift and will be sure to please even the most discerning of palettes. Using estate grown Vidal grapes gives this methode traditionale sparkling wine a refreshing aroma with a crisp effervescence and dry finish. Pop, fizz, clink and repeat.


The Novice: LBV Brut Rosé

Ease your novice into the tasting pool with this unassuming, lighthearted and fun sparkler. It’s not too dry, it’s not too sweet and who can resist its festive holiday color? Made with the St. Vincent grape, this rosé begins with a tart hint of lemongrass that moves into a delightfully subtle strawberry finish.


And for the folks who aren’t necessarily all about the bubbles…


The Sweet Tooth: Collector’s Series Moscato

This wine drinker knows what they like and probably has a favorite brand they are fiercely loyal to. Get them to step out of their comfort zone with one of the newest additions to the Les Bourgeois line of favorites. Treat them to lively aromas of pineapple, white peach and mandarin orange with refreshing flavors of melon, lemon peel and candied ginger with a delicate touch of honey to finish.


The Label Queens: Winter White

Easy to spot, these wine drinkers are the best dressed at the party and always top off the perfect outfit with designer shoes and any bottle of wine with a whimsical label: a zebra, a cute furry animal, a limited edition “Mad Men” wine? You name it, they love it. Our seasonal Winter White is the perfect fit. It’s a luscious sweet white wine with peach, strawberry and kiwi fruit characteristics in an adorable winter package.


The Snob: 2013 Norton

We all know one. That one guest at the party who uses every opportunity to shame whatever your drink of choice is and explain to you in painstaking detail why the 2002 Chateau Snobbery Vineyard Select Reserve is far superior. Give them a taste of this full-bodied, dry red that showcases the unique characteristics of the Norton grape, the state grape of Missouri. This wine boasts a bouquet of violet, spice and earth tones with rich fruit flavors that linger and are sure to give your wine snob something to talk about.

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