What are your biggest passions? My biggest passions are my family, travel, interior design and saving money. I don’t get to travel much, but when I do, I immerse myself into it and often tour historic homes. I’ve subjected my boys to this too.


Do you currently work/volunteer anywhere? It seems my work at home is never complete. I help with sports at Rock Bridge High School, PTSA and COR. My pet project is “cups of kindness,” something I created 12 years ago as a way to give something back after my breast cancer journey. I also assist with breast cancer and lymph edema research at Ellis Fischel Cancer Center._E3Y7936_Home


Tell me about your family: I’ve been married for 23 years to my husband, Steve, and we have two boys, Daniel, 19, and David, 17. I’m also a mom to seven four-legged kids — four dogs and three cats.


On a typical weeknight I am: My weeknights are in transition. If my husband is not out of town with work, I cook dinner. I really like to cook, but my kids are working, so I tend use the trusted Crockpot. Also if the guys are gone, I don’t have to watch Fox News or sports; I prefer PBS or HGTV.


Favorite restaurant to frequent in COMO: My favorite restaurants would have to be the Wine Cellar Bistro or Murray’s.


What I do for fun: I love to watch movies and make art. I hand dye silk scarves.


Where does your strength come from? My strength comes from my core belief in Christ. We’re spiritual beings on a mortal journey. I believe this life is not all there is.


What’s in your purse right now? In my purse is my wallet, lipstick, phone, brush, face powder, readers, digestive enzymes, hand lotion and car keys.


Favorite holiday: My favorite holiday is, of course, Christmas!


Most rewarding part about being a mom: The best part of being a mom is when you find out your kid did the right thing and when they get along with each other.


In a single word, I am: Genuine.


Guilty Pleasure: My guilty pleasure is a hot bath scented by Bomb Cosmetics made in the United Kingdom and candle or two.


What makes you smile? Having Steve bring me flowers from our garden that he grew.


What brings you peace? I have been walking on our wonderful MKT trail since spring, and it’s so healing. We are so blessed to have this and others here to use for free. It’s so peaceful and sometimes, I listen to podcasts and learn new things. It’s great medicine.


Coffee or tea? Coffee, hands down…with organic real cream!


Beer or wine? Wine by far. I like a good dry white.


Favorite candle scent? Anything made by Lucia.




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