How did you two meet?

  • Through mutual friends.


What was your first date?

  • Dinner at Murry’s.


How does travel play a part in your relationship? IMG_2809

  • Bob – It gives us time to be away from the day-to-day responsibilities and lets us truly just enjoy each other’s company.
  • Jocelyn – Traveling is something we both love to do and has been something that we enjoy doing together. On one of our early trips together we went to Roatan in 2010. Bob was scuba diving and I was snorkeling…On that same trip we met another couple from Columbia that were both scuba diving, and we all instantly become great friends. At that point I realized I needed to get scuba certified, so I did. Ever since we have been going on at least two scuba adventures a year either as a couple or as a group. It’s not only the traveling together, but more so the activities that we enjoy together that we really bond over. We are both really physically active, adventurous and like to try new things.


How does business play into your relationship dynamic?

  • B – We own a business together and sometimes it presents challenges, but on the other hand, it gives us something that we can work on and do together and accomplish goals together.
  • J – It gives us an opportunity to work together and to appreciate one another’s talents and strengths on a business level rather than a personal level. I really admire how Bob is business savvy and have learned so much working with him that I have been able to apply to my business as well.


What do you like to do outside of work?

  • B – Travel, scuba, hike, hang out with friends, eat at local restaurants, yoga and hunting.
  • J – Yoga, travel, scuba, hike, fashion and friends.


What is the best trip you two have been on together?

  • B – Micronesia – Palau and Yap. It had awesome diving, and we got to experience some interesting cultures.
  • J – It’s a tie for me between Australia and Little Cayman. Australia was incredible. We visited while Trevor (Bob’s oldest son) and Nicole (Trevor’s wife) were living in Perth. We had an epic road trip that covered a big chunk of the west coast. It was some of the most scenic views I’ve ever seen and was a very non-tourist approach to seeing the sights (thanks to our local travel guides). On our trip to Little Cayman in January 2015, we got married in a prayer circle the beach…just us, our best friends and priest. There were no decorations, no flowers and no special meal. It was so simple and so beautiful.  IMG_3001


What are the best aspects of your partner?

  • B – intelligent, fun-loving, hard working, she gives great presents, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s really pretty.
  • J – Charming, generous, smart, kind and outgoing.


What is unique about your relationship?

  • B – We are both business owners separately and together
  • J – It’s just easy. There is really no pressure. We both love to enjoy life, and we get along really well.


What is your favorite restaurant to frequent in CoMo?

  • B – Murry’s
  • J – Murry’s


What is one thing people don’t know about you?

  • B – I have a big sweet tooth.
  • J – I’m a north Missouri farm girl.

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