Photo by Anthony Jinson

By far, being in nature is the environment that gives Carolyn the most strength and inspiration. She experiences a richer, deeper, grounded presence. Traveling to Patagonia, Argentina this year was at the top on her list for beautiful, inspiring travels. She took four adventurous warrior-women with her for two weeks. The highlight of the trip was horseback riding and camping in the mountains. In fact, her favorite memory is being on horseback while having magnificent eagles soaring right above their heads. In her words, “It was DIVINE!”


Her favorite things:

5 things that inspire Carolyn:

Birds in flight especially, eagles, vultures and hawks

MO Town Music

Traveling to new places. (Ok, traveling just about anywhere)

A clean house

Sitting on the screened-in porch, listening to the rain


5 favorite places Carolyn has traveled:

Dominica, scuba diving

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Paris & the French countryside

Budapest, Hungary

Patagonia, Argentina


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