Creating the perfect space for summer living 

photos by keith borgmeyer 

Creating the perfect space to entertain outdoors might be easier than you think. Your outdoor patio might not look exactly like the Grathwohl’s patio, but there are only a few key ingredients to a perfect entertaining space: food, friends, a place to sit and more food. To make sure your guests leave with full hearts and bellies, we rounded up some goodies from Hoss’s Market, Masterful Treats, Edible Arrangements and Peggy Jean’s Pies. Flip through the next few pages to get some inspiration for your next outdoor get-together.

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On a windy morning in May we headed out to the Copperstone neighborhood in southwest Columbia to the Grathwohl’s home. As we walked along the north side of the home, we were blown away by the architecture and detail this home had. As we rounded the back of the house to the patio, it was clear that this family loves to entertain and spend time outdoors. Their backyard is perfect for their girls to run and play while the covered patio is ideal for entertaining friends, catching a movie outside on the big screen or throwing some barbecue on the grill. Erdos at Home did the outdoor furniture and accessories, and it was clear they had entertaining in mind! The large grey couch with colorful throw pillows in front of the fireplace would be a perfect place to sit on a cool evening or catch a baseball game on TV. The gorgeous architecture we noticed as we pulled up to the home continued to the patio with a tall, vaulted ceiling and beautiful beams. Everything from the ground up was done in perfect detail from the stone of the fireplace to the landscaping. Thank you, Grathwohl family, for letting us photograph your beautiful space!

Thank you to:

The Grathwohl Family

Hoss’s Market

Peggy Jean’s Pies

Heather Masters, owner, Masterful Treats

Erdos at Home, Columbia location

Edible Arrangements



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