Photos by Keith Borgmeyer



A hint of gold

Melissa Shoes flats, Swank Boutique, $109

Suede hat, Swank Boutique, $159

Jenny Bird necklace, Swank Boutique, $225

Rebecca Minkoff wallet, Swank Boutique, $95

Sunglassses, Swank Boutique, $55

Jenny Bird cuff bracelet, Swank Boutique, $70

Carol Shirt, Swank Boutique, $138

Free People Shorts, Swank Boutique, $98


Let’s Be Neutral

SODA platforms, Cha Boutique, $50

Swell water bottle, Cha Boutique, $35

Urbanista necklace, Cha Boutique, $10

Rebecca Minkoff crossbody, Swank Boutique, $145

Wildfox sunglasses, Cha Boutique, $189


Why So Blue?

Jeffrey Campbell sandals, Swank Boutique, $135

Tassel necklace, Swank Boutique, $42

Bustier top, Swank Boutique, $138

Rebecca Minkoff crossbody, Swank Boutique, $225

Cuff bracelet, Swank Boutique, $39

Strangers with Candy shorts, Swank Boutique, $158

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