Brian is a single dad raising as he describes, a “brilliant, obnoxious, wont-ever-be-quiet, beautiful 5 year old girl.” According to him, he’s unconventional, unusual, undeterred and an unafraid father. He’s the perfect compliment to Jill Orr, writer of “Mommy Chronicles,” and he acknowledges raising a kid from the dad’s perspective.

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The Resiliency of a Child

It’s almost laughable how many things we’re convinced kids need.  If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.  But the truth is we give our kids too much.  Sure, you’re probably thinking, “Well yeah, but what’s it to you blogger boy? It’s my kid.”  I’m here to say that not only are you giving him or […]

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Taking Education’s First Steps Together

So, summer school started this week. It’s quite a difference from when you or I was a child and summer school was a death sentence instead of something that nearly every student takes part in. It’s weird to think about with C entering kindergarten this summer. I’m hopeful but ever suspicious about what she’s walking […]

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Raising a Confident Kid

There’s a lot of things you have to teach your kids when you’re trying to raise them right. The best news? You’re going to screw up. If you spend your time wallowing in your failures instead of celebrating their successes, you’ll teach them to hate themselves. Instill some confidence in your kids before it’s too […]

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Happy Single Parent’s Day

Mother’s Day…it’s a day for celebrating the woman who brought you into this world; the one who kept dad from killing you, even when you probably deserved it; the one who sheltered you from harm whenever she could; and the one who will love you through the good and bad. It’s a deserved day for […]

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There’s a video going around on the internet that scares the bejeezus out of me. Two girls get into a fight and knock each other around. Pretty standard stuff, I suppose. There are even a few ground rules, which is nice to see. And then bam! Out of nowhere, someone gets hit with a shovel.Wait, […]

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