Jill is a stay-at-home mom of two (an odd title because she is rarely ever at home). In her pre-Mommy days, she graduated from the University of Missouri with an undergraduate degree in journalism and a master's in social work, with an emphasis on children and family studies. But she wishes she would have gotten a Ph.D. in What's For Dinner and How to Get Bubblegum Out of the Carpet. That would have served her better. Read her blog at jillsorr.com • Follow Jill on Twitter @jillsorr

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Jill Orr: It’s a Bouncing Baby . . . Book!

“The Good Byline” arrives after an arduous labor. I am now officially the parent of two teenage children and one published novel. It would be impossible for me to pick a favorite, so don’t ask. I love them all . . . in different ways. (I don’t want to name names, but I will say […]

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Jill Orr: Shop Talk

Ten things to not say to your spouse during a renovation. by Jill Orr Almost 16 years ago, my husband and I bought the house he grew up in from his parents. It’s a lovely home at the end of a cul-de-sac, filled with good memories and even better juju. And we’ve spent the past […]

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Jill Orr: Look Who’s Talking

Stay woke and slay teen slang. Every generation of teenagers has its own slang. Adults aren’t meant to understand it, and, in fact, that is the whole point. We chose language partly to express our identity, and, since teenagers naturally want to create an identity separate from that of their parents, they use different words, […]

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Jill Orr: Where Are You from?

  So much of how we parent comes from looking backward. Our minds continually flash back to the way things were when we were kids. We mine our childhoods for what worked, what didn’t, and what we vow never to repeat. For instance, I will never make my kids eat everything on their plate — […]

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Jill Orr: Lessons in Social Media

Is the web world really so nasty? by Jill Orr Parenting in the age of social media is a tricky business. Most of us with kids who are old enough to use it did not grow up using it ourselves, so we are learning about social media at the same time as our children — […]

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