Kari Laudano is a sarcastic coffee addict with a soft spot for a cute puppy. During the day, Kari moonlights as a project and program manager for Logistique Studio and Hidden Treasures Tours managing anything from marketing and branding projects to international travel tours. Kari received her BA in Communication and BA in Art from the University of Missouri and her MS in Project Management from The George Washington University. Kari loves being active in the community and previously served as the Chair of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors and on the boards of YEZ and VAC. When Kari is not working, she loves to cook, travel, ballroom dance, write, and spend time with her beautiful daughter.

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The issue of endless options in event planning is, well, endless. There are so many different topics I could focus on, so rather than try to touch several lightly, I am going to focus on one – cake. I don’t think I’m that old, however, I clearly remember going to birthday parties as a child, […]

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Cake, shaving and other tough decisions

The fact that I manage to get dressed every day is no simple feat (and yes, I am counting the days that I take my pajamas off, shower and put a clean pair of pajamas on). It really should be recognized and rewarded (there are lamer awards out there). Why you ask? Because of the […]

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Boobs, butt and a beach ball

Alright…I am going to have to deviate from my normal event topic this week. As I shared in last week’s blog, I am currently expecting my first baby (and by the time this post runs the little bundle will be here)! As I reminisce on these past nine to ten months I wanted to capture […]

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Biggest event of my life

I am currently planning for the largest event of my life. I have never planned for this kind of event before. I don’t know the day. I don’t know the time. I don’t know how long it is going to take, what food is going to be served or whether drugs will be present. I […]

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Be a kid again

Forget planning a big summer party. This summer, I challenge you to act like a kid. There are moments throughout the year that trigger the nostalgia of youth. Seeing a full stocking on Christmas morning, carving a pumpkin, dying Easter eggs, etc. For me personally, nothing triggers fond memories of my youth like summertime. It […]

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