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Day in the Life – Quin Gresham

Bringing the art of theater to mid-Missouri. When the lights dim down over the Lyceum Theater’s auditorium, the audience shifts their focus into another world. Together they laugh, they gasp, and they cry as a story unfolds between actors on the stage. Each detail that helps tell each story would not be possible without every […]

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Day in the Life – Pam Ingram

by Madelyne Maag The founder of Granny’s House wakes up strong. There are two things Pam Ingram looks forward to every day: her quiet time in the early morning and the arrival of kids for the after-school program at Granny’s House. Pam has two main rules that she follows during her quiet time: No meetings […]

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Corby Jones and Kelli Swayden

  Kelli Swayden was so focused on organizing and celebrating boyfriend Corby Jones’ 40th birthday that she couldn’t find her words when he pulled out a ring. Laughing from the surprise of the proposal, Kelli gathered herself to say yes to Corby. “I planned out the majority of his birthday and wanted to make sure […]

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Nathan Thompson and Alese Furnald

    Blind dates crafted by mutual friends can be scary. In the case of Alese Furnald and Nathan Thompson, however, it went wonderfully. “We worked in the catering business and also had mutual friends in it, as well,” Alese says. “They thought it would be great to set us up.” Their personalities matched perfectly, […]

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Wearable Art

By Libby Wall and Beth Bramstedt | Photos by Keith Borgmeyer Six local artists illustrate why jewelry is more than an accessory; it’s a work...

Honoring Centenarians

Photos by Anastasia Pottinger Local artist Anastasia Pottinger fell into photographing the elderly by accident. Six years ago, Stacie’s mother was the personal assistant...

It Takes a Village

Photos by Keith Borgmeyer More than 8,000 refugees live in mid-Missouri. They’ve fled persecution and danger from around the world and taken their families...

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

Photos by Alexanderia Rinehart Take a day to wander. Most townies can remember when Cool Stuff was on Broadway, when the downtown Shakespeare’s was...

A Fervor for Life

Photos by Anastasia Pottinger Three Columbia seniors live life passionately. Sue Winn On a grim, icy day in December, Sue Winn, 89, sits tucked...