Nellie is perpetual learner and seeker. She was named Nurse of the Year in Austin, Texas, sailed thousands of miles, and is a glass artist. She has written for nursing and sailing magazines, in addition to writing for COMO Living. She lectures on domestic violence and played a key role in the "Missouri Statue of Women Report." Nellie and her husband, Gene, own Passions and live on their sailboat, Sun Chaser, in Rockport, Texas, and their home near Columbia, Missouri. Nellie gives generously of her time and talents to improve and support the lives of others.

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Love & Relationships: Travel

  Travel is so much fun when you get to share it with your life partner. Making plans, deciding where to go and choosing where to stay can be an enjoyable part of the journey. Now, imagine your life partner comes to you and says, “I think we should move aboard our sailboat, sell our […]

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The Art of Love

ART – the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination Even the least creative and unimaginative person can love. There is an art to it and being creative makes it so much more interesting. Creating love with another person takes commitment and let’s face it, work. So the question is, how can you […]

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Illness: A disease or period of sickness of the body or mind Chronic or life-threatening illnesses can have a profound affect on intimate relationships. There is suddenly a new, unwelcome member in the family. It can impact every aspect of the relationship through dealing with treatment options, insurance, loss of income and changes in intimacy. […]

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Bond: to join two or more individuals in a relationship

In 2000 my mom, Ida Reynolds, suffered a fall that led to the amputation of her leg. Being wheelchair bound in her home, which had numerous stairs, was not an option. With agreement from Gene and Zach, we looked for a new house near Austin so Mom could move in and become a part of […]

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Girls Weekend

Two Generations All-Girl Weekend For the second year my best friend of 35 years, Gaylen Tips, and I joined with my daughter-in-law Sarah Symm, and her good friend Jennifer Weiman for an “All Girl Weekend.”  Since Gail and Jen both live in the San Francisco area, Sarah and I traveled to meet them in the […]

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