Peter is the Superintendent for the Columbia Public School District. He and his wife have three clever sons who are determined to find ways to outsmart their parents. He hopes to use this blog as a way to explore issues of parenting and the public schools.

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You’re Some Kind of Father

“You’re some kind of father!” my middle son said as he stomped up the stairs to his room. I waited for the door to slam, but restraint was shown. Immediately preceding this drama was the fifth argument of the afternoon between the oldest and the youngest. I admit it; I was at my wit’s end. […]

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A man in a boat

Continuing with my penchant for metaphors, I’d like to share a story I came across four years ago when I was transitioning from principal to assistant superintendent. It surfaced again through my more recent transition meetings. The story goes as follows:  A scholar approached an old boatman and asked him to row him across a […]

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Two priests

Recently, I had a conversation with a principal about a particularly challenging situation. We were considering options for a possible resolution when I grabbed a small note pad from my jacket pocket. I drew two lines with a circle in the middle (| O |). The circle was to symbolize an impediment (either a wall […]

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Under the weather

The adorable little boy smiling back at you in the photo above is my 5-year-old son. By the looks of this photo, he is in tip-top shape, but as any parent knows, that’s not always the case. We’ve all been there. Your child wakes up feeling sick and you have a major work commitment. Grandparents […]

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Snow Week

When my eldest son and I walk our dog in the early mornings, we hardly ever see anyone. We walk and we talk … and we play Rock Paper Scissors when the role of Pooper Scooper has to be determined. This has been our routine for the last few months. Not this past weekend, though. […]

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