Scott has lived or worked in Columbia nearly all his life. He has been a busboy, janitor, laborer, sailor (that never sailed), administrative assistant, sales advisor, and is currently the general manager at Carpet One Floor and Home. In addition to his career, he has a beautiful wife and 10 children.

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The Best Restaurant

This was one of the best restaurant experiences I have ever had. The food was good, the service was outstanding and the atmosphere was fabulous. I never knew this place existed, but I will never forget it. The young man greeted us at the table and handed us a clean, easy-to-read menu with about 15 […]

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Nice Car

It all started when the water pump went out on my new old car that I had just purchased.  The well -meaning dealer offered to repair it and give me a loaner at no charge.  I thought it was a blessing to have a man that would do this for me and my family, so […]

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“Hey Dad, can you take this wall out of my dollhouse and make the door taller, so my doll can walk through to the other side without having to bend down?” I thought for a second about the innocent and seemingly simple request. A couple of screws, couple of chops on my miter saw (I […]

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Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

I used to think my grandparents’ “bug zapper” they had in their back yard was the greatest thing ever. We would sit there and watch it light up and make a satisfying electrical shock every time a flying insect would venture a little too close. I would look over at my grandpa and see him […]

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Warmth from the floor up

Radiant heat is a trend in home building and remodeling that is not going away, and the benefits are immediate for the homeowner. The big hurdle in the beginning is cost (budget around double the cost of forced air heat), and after that, you will experience the satisfaction of a wise choice that has made your life and […]

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