The COMO2Thailand trip has been cancelled due to safety reasons.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

John LaRocca
General Manager, University Club of MU
(573) 882-9481

Take a 12 Day Adventure Through Thailand.

Skip the cold this winter and take an adventure to Thailand. This trip includes the Hall of Inspiration, beaches, and more. View the trip itinerary for more information. All lodging, transfers, and most meals are included in the trip expense for just $1,850.

$350 of it goes to the College of Education-Thailand Collaborate “The Thaiger Fund.” See the details about The Thaiger Fund and Brighter Thailand below.

Itinerary includes:

  • Emerald Buddha Royal Temple and palace among many other temples
  • Wat Pho
  • Shopping in Bangkok
  • Sukhothai Historical Park
  • Rides on river barges and horse-drawn carriages
  • Trip to a coffee farm
  • Day spent at Elephant Nature Park
  • Hongnual Cooking School
  • Mae Fah Luang University campus
  • Touring cottage industry centre and outlet
  • Doi Tung Royal Villa
  • Hall of Inspiration
  • Mae Fah Luang Garden
  • Doi Chang Moob Military Base
  • Mae Fah Luang Arboretum
  • Beach time on Koh Talu
  • Sea turtle conservation


  • $1,850 per person ($3,700)


  • $2,200

Explore Thailand and Support Local Students

$350 of every trip will be donated to the Brighter Thailand project to provide a partial scholarship  to MU students participating in the International Service Learning/Civic Leaders Internship course.

Learn more about Brighter Thailand

The purpose of The Thaiger Fund is to provide partial scholarship for MU students who will enroll in International Service Learning/Civic Leaders Internship course.

As part of their service learning project, each year students will travel to Thailand for three weeks to help facilitate the Brighter Thailand’s Global Youth Leadership Camps. In partnership with Brighter Thailand, the program operates camps exclusively in Thailand.

The MU students will be assisting with and facilitating activities in global youth leadership camps – focused on global and civic engagement for Thai youth. We expect that the students would gain extensive experience in facilitating youth leadership activities; inter-cultural competencies; cooperation with diverse populations – ranging from professional Peace Corps volunteers to Thai university students to Thai elementary school students; and increased confidence and professional development.

The founder and team has started the Brighter Thailand project since 2009, and have had organizational volunteers at the proposed locations at varying times from 2009-2012. We currently partner with Peace Corps volunteers to manage our locations, as well as our local program coordinator one of whom is present at each camp Brighter Thailand runs. By working in more rural areas in Thailand, the students will gain a deeper understanding of Thai culture outside of a tourist context. They will understand more about the educational structure in Thailand and the people’s value system. And, by working with volunteers from both American and Thai backgrounds, they will be able to identify educational and management strategies that can work across cultures.

Our program should appeal to students in several different majors of study – international business, public administration, education and youth development. The type of student that would benefit from this and be an asset to the program will be a student who likes working with youth and is highly motivated, compassionate, open-minded, and who enjoys cross-cultural exchanges.