Where’s your favorite place to belly up to the bar for a bite?

Photo by Keith Borgmeyer

Flyover and Murry’s topped the list in our recent, informal Facebook poll but were quickly followed by 22 other local establishments. Whether it’s the food, drinks, environment, or service, readers had a lot to say about where they love to eat.

“Flyover has the best bartenders in town, and Coley’s for their nachos and sangria.”  – Stephanie Padgett

“If it has a bar, I’m eatin’ at it!” – Aaron Brown

“Sycamore and The Wine Cellar & Bistro are my two favorite places for a happy hour beverage and snack at the bar.” – Jaime Freidrichs

“The best bar dining is Flyover and Sophia’s. Add Murry’s, too, now that I think about it.” – Lisa Eimers

“I love eating while sitting at the bar. Broadway Brewery, The Wolf’s Head Tavern, and happy hour at The Wine Cellar & Bistro are current favorites.” – Amy Enderle

“44 Canteen.” – Jason Ortbals

“The bar is my favorite, too. Barred Owl Butcher, Broil, and Flyover are my three favorites right now, but I also love the bar atmosphere at The Wine Cellar & Bistro. They have great live music, happy hour specials, and an AMAZING wine selection. The bartender helped me find a delicious red last time I was there. They also make the BEST vanilla bean martini I have ever had.” – Jennifer Lea

“Flyover for the poutine and soft pretzels!” – Bellyn Whitteker

“It’s all about the appetizer options — Room 38 and Addison’s!” – Kristen Grusenmeyer

“Hy-Vee Market Grille for half-price sushi on Wednesdays!” – Audrey Sharp

“I love the chicken fingers at Tellers, Murry’s tuna pesto, and Room 38’s hummus and pretzel balls.” – Kate Gray

“So many good places, but right now we are loving the bar at Flyover! It’s also usually a shorter wait, which is nice too!” – Jill Orr

“Broil, Chris McD’s, Sophia’s, Murry’s, and Booches! It helps when there is a great bartender behind the bar. When you sit at a cocktail table at Chris McD’s, Erin is absolutely the
best server!” – Alissa Gerke

“44 Canteen — for the atmosphere, drinks, and every bit of the food. And Booches burgers — ’nuff said.” – Jacob Halls

“Room 38. I love the cranberry walnut salad, lobster bisque, terra root house chips, and gluten free chocolate torte.” – Julie Oehlschlaeger

“For Murry’s, it’s the friendly and amazing bar staff, along with the fun buzz of good people usually at the bar, along with a menu that is reliably tasty and affordable and owners that are both so present and enjoyable you enjoy supporting their biz.” – Wendy Wiederhold

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